What’s Love Got To Do With It

We’re all “storytellers.” We don’t call ourselves that, but it’s what we do every day. And oh boy, do we love a good story.

We love how they bring people together. How they always keep you coming back to the same bar. They help the perfume clerk sell more product, and the artist sell more paintings. Just by hearing a captivating story.

Marketing isn’t about advertisements or publications or even selling. At its very core, marketing is about building relationships with stories- the ones that people keep telling for years to come.

The Stories We Tell

Our mission as virtual storytellers is to change the status quo of marketing and start teaching businesses how to tell better stories. Nothing will ever replace the aromatic scent of a paperback book while it prickles your nose.

But know that good stories can exist wherever there is a tale to be told, and luckily your audience (without even knowing it) are longing to hear your stories.

In our attempt to change the way society views and experiences marketing, The Story Laboratory Facebook group, that started it all, was born. There, we teach you how to tell your own stories.

Why do we do this?

Because we know how fast the online world moves and it’s easy to get caught up in the Go, Go, Go, mentality and push out lazy marketing materials (been there, done that). We encourage people to start thinking of marketing as storytelling, offering valuable information consistently. But more than that, the content should reflect the stories of your business.

Discovering those stories are the secret to earning and keeping your audience. The Story Laboratory’s journey takes place in Kansas City, Missouri, with a world of experience in content marketing with significant corporations in California, Dubai, Colorado, New York, Maryland, Chicago, and many more.

We are a Midwestern company with creative roots and a world of brilliant ideas, with marketing knowledge from over a decade of working with people to help build their storytelling marketing strategies and content.

We still retain our Midwestern charm, appreciation for meaningful conversations, and hard work that shows through in everything we do.