Building relationships online is a guaranteed way of deepening brand loyalty and creating raving fans who trust they can share your content!

Recognizing people even in the smallest way and showing them that you value their opinions can add a level of emotional involvement that ties a person to your brand.

Building relationships online is a guaranteed way of deepening brand loyalty and creating raving fans who trust they can share your content!

Be Active

There are several ways to remain “active” on your social media platforms.

Stay consistent with your posts. But, don’t post content that has nothing to do with your audience.

That is confusing!

Instead, devote time to make it work and according to your strategy. Set aside 30-minutes a day to remain “active”, whatever task you might be doing that day!

Acknowledge Other People

When your audience interacts with you by leaving a comment on a post or sharing your content, it is vital that you respond to them.

No one likes to be ignored, but everyone loves when the are acknowledged and in a positive way!

Show your audience you appreciate them, respect their opinions (remember, you gotta take the good with tha bad 😉), and want to build relationships with them.

The power of social media comes from your raving fans and loyal audience members.

Be Personable and Accessible

Nobody likes a negative person and your audience will not grow to trust you if you do not answer their questions or respond to there comments.

Let your audience know you are a real human! They can connect much easier that way!

Building relationships online require human interaction!

Be Yourself

Don’t force yourself to be something you are not just because you are in front of a ginormous audience of people (Like billions, if you do it right 😉).

Trust me when I say, forcing yourself to say or do something that does not align with who you are and what your company is trying to accomplish will just scare people away.

People want the real human YOU!

Be Honest

There’s nothing more an audience full of raving fans loves more than a person who is honest.

If you made a mistake, own it. If you have a story, don’t hide it. Authentic is a feeling!

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

We know, you love your products or services more than anything in the world.

But your customer’s are sick and tired of being sold to on their social media platforms.

It is boring, overdone, and interruptive.

Instead, tell stories that solve their very problems! That way, your audience can picture themselves and characters in the story and visualize their problems being solved and by who? You!

Listen to What Your Audience Have To Say

Your audience members will tell you all you need to know.

Running out of content? Data check! See what content your audience members were drawn to the most and re-purpose that into new content.

If they have complaints you know you have problems.

However, if you have people raving about your product or service, then build on that!

You get my drift?!

Continually Seek and Find New Relationships

If you’re not continually building relationships online, you aren’t growing your audience or your social media platforms at all.

The only true way to grow an audience of raving fans is to build the relationships yourself.

Building relationships online is not the same as building relationships in person, instead you have the ability to build faster by reaching mass quantities of people within your chosen demographic, behaviors, interests etc…

It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Don’t Try to Control The Conversation

After you’ve found these new relationships, you can’t just leave them hanging. You have to find a way to engage in a conversation and start building the relationship.

This can be so many things, it all depends on your business. Spark conversations in unique and innovative ways so the audience member can’t forget who you are!

Understand Who Your Ideal Connections Are and Adjust Your Conversations to Match.

Once, you’ve built a relationship with your new raving fan, it’s time to really understand who they are and what you have to offer them.

This will allow you to adjust your conversation to match their needs.

It’s simple right, think of social media marketing just like networking in person.

But social media presents an amazing opportunity for business owners to reach an engaged audience of people who actively want to hear from your company.

What business owner wouldn’t salivate at that kind of a chance! Now you can!