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What do Sergei Vladimir and captivating storytelling have in common…

On a dark and stormy morning, Sergei Vladimir sat in his large leather reclining chair smoking a sandalwood mahogany tobacco pipe that had belonged to his grandfather.

It was 4 am, and he’d be getting ready for work in less than two hours.

Hearing the coffee pot ding, Arthur rose to start his morning with a fresh cup of caffeine.

As he poured the steaming hot coffee over cream the sugar sunk in his favorite mug—white, chipped porcelain stamped with the saying “I don’t need Google. My husband knows everything.”—he pondered the age-old question of man: How can I drive more traffic to my social media sites?

Ok, so maybe that was a bit theatrical.

But it got your attention, didn’t it (SEE WHAT I MEAN)? That is captivating storytelling!

As entrepreneurs or marketers, we mustn’t forget our storytelling roots.

It’s easy to get lazy with our “Top 10 Lists” and our “Ultimate Guides,” but what exactly sets your content apart from the bulk of your competitors doing the exact same thing?

Captivating Storytelling marketing is the key to shareable content.

While those “Top 10” lists are great, readers will quickly lose interest if you don’t offer them anything new or exciting.

Remember when we were in elementary school and the teacher would tell us to create a captivating first sentence? That still applies.

With all the information out there on how to optimize content, we’ve forgotten the most important part—we need to make it interesting and captivating.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

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