Social media marketing is like speed dating- you've only got a few seconds to convince someone you're worth a longer look!

A story about a business owner’s marketing frustrations!

Social Media Marketing is like speed dating- you’ve only got a few seconds to convince someone that you’re worth a longer look”, stated David.

David is one of our brand new clients.

He is a mysterious author who writes suspenseful short stories and sells them in the internet world (or at least he tries)!

He is so passionate about writing that he forgot he must take part in social media marketing to sell the books and make money.

Of course, he went into panic mode and freaked out. In which he lost his creative spark and freaked out again (if you’re a creative mind, you know exactly what I mean).

David’s Frustrations with Social Media Marketing

David was frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and wanted to quit; in his own words, he shouted, “I am going to go get a real job.”

WHAT the hell, you are not David! You are an author, and you will remain one!

You see, David’s frustrations are a result of the massive amount of information online about the “perfect” way to do social media marketing for your business.

He read blog articles, took online courses, and spent his entire life savings to learn how to market his book online so he could create profit and never really grasped the concept.

David Finds His Saving Grace

Then, he stumbled upon The Story Laboratory while he was wandering around in the internet world, and something incredible clicked in David’s mind!

He stated, “I am a storyteller, why am I not telling stories as my social media marketing strategy?”

So, he gave us a call at 816-665-0567!

We walked David through our social media marketing process and explained to him that marketing is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation.

Instead, each business has its own unique strategy that fits their needs and goals.

But, there is one thing that remains true to everyone, and that is the ability to build relationships online while adding massive value to your audience, even if your audience is tiny!

And you can do that by telling stories in a way that sparks emotion, solves problems, adds value, and they will keep coming back for more!

Be like David, Have an epiphany, and start writing more stories!

It’s really not as hard as you think! Remember, we’re all storyteller’s!