A Guide To Uncovering Your Business Stories For Selling Soulfully. The Storytelling Map free download.

A Guide To Uncovering Your Business Stories For Selling Soulfully!

Hi, I’m Desiree Wilcox and I’m so excited you’ve landed on this page! I know you are going to love the storytelling map.

Almost three years ago I decided to start my own business. As the world flew by around me, I continued to grow my business using storytelling marketing solutions.

I gained subscribers, sales, and clients without even being there, thanks to the systems I’ve learnt and set up for myself.

To create a repeatable predictable system, you don’t only need the statigies and tools, but also the right stories to inspire action.

Problem is, when we create content, it becomes hard to stand out against the 1000’s of others sharing exactly the same topic as you, right?

That’s where storytelling comes in.

It allows us to craft unique content and build mental pictures in the minds of our most aligned audience members.

But how do you find these stories? And how can you find enough to avid tying yourself to one story and eding up with one dimensional marketing?

That’s where the storytelling map comes in.

While there are a series of different story prompts you can use, I am giving you ONE prompt you can use today to take MASSIVE action.

This is a step in my storytelling process to allow you to discover stories hidden within you that you can bring to the forefront of your business and use every day to market your brand.

Let’s begin….

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